Dr. Queeney Tang, MD, PhD


Dr. Qun Queeney Tang, MD, PhD is a former cardiologist in China and now based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she inspires colleagues and team members while sharing her passion and insight about wellness, diet, supplements and overall health from a global perspective.

Dr. Tang learned about the importance of vitamins and supplements during her early years as a cardiologist. In addition, she completed a PhD program where she studied the relationship between Hyperhomocysteinemia and coronary heart disease. As Dr. Tang moved to Canada and then the U.S., she continually focused on teaching people about the importance of health and wellness, receiving continual recognition for her achievements as a businesswoman and even featured in the book “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Planet.”

Dr. Tang’s easy, caring and effusive personality inspires others to become involved, yet it’s her knowledge and passion that truly captivates, keeping team members and audiences involved for the long run. “I believe in the winner’s philosophy, namely that “Winning is giving and getting in an atmosphere of love, cooperation, social concern, and responsibility,” she said. “True winning, however, is no more than one’s own personal pursuit of individual excellence. You don’t have to get lucky to win at life, nor do you have to knock other people down or gain at expense of others.”

“I am looking forward to working with ARIIX in a combined effort to spread our shared vision of true, long-lasting health and wellbeing as a Wellness Council Advisor,” said Tang. “I especially love to work with people who are positive, humble and with leadership that respect people’s hard work and provide a path to security in the long run.”

These shared philosophies are what inspired Dr. Tang to join ARIIX, and she now devotes her energies to endorsing its message and ensuring that her team members have the best support and guidance they need. Dr. Tang agrees with ARIIX’s vision that health is about more than physical wellbeing – it’s also about mental, social, and financial wellbeing. Dr. Tang stated, “ARIIX is important for anyone who’s ever tried to control their weight or maximize their health. It is also essential for entrepreneurs who realize that the wellness industry offers the greatest opportunities for our future.”

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