Robert Gast


What excites you about being a Member of the Wellness Council for Ariix?

 As a Coach/Athlete, being the best and offering the best to my athletes has always been the forefront of my motivation. This was a big part of why I chose Ariix for my personal health and nutritional needs. To be a part of not only a company that strives to be the “gold standard” for excellence in products but to also be a part of  its Athlete & Wellness Council would be amazing. What Ariix offers in products and as a company goes hand in hand with what my life is a martial arts athlete who cares deeply about physical fitness, health, and overall well being.

 What skills & experience would you bring to the council?

My 25 years of martial arts training & International competition record has allowed me to experience many training methodologies as well as what works and what does not work regarding athletic supplementation. Having a great understanding of what athletes need and should consume as part of their training regimen in order to compete at their highest levels is something I posses and share with my own students/clients.

Recently, I almost lost my mother-in-law due to what we all think was her doctors “over prescribing” prescription medication. She was on a total of 7 medications daily. Over the last 3 years she had lost 70 lbs by eating better and working out regularly. During this time while her body began its own healing process, her medications were never modified to suite her new lifestyle. In short, after a week long battle in the hospital, doctors could not find out what was ailing her and eventually released her with a several follow up tests in order to identify what the problem really was. Upon her release, doctors took her off 5 medications lowering her daily prescriptions to only 2 medications. This experience furthered my beliefs that a “reactive” (prescription based) approach to health should only come after a more “proactive” (natural supplementation & fitness) approach is taken first!

Do you have any specific goals that you would like to accomplish as a Council Member?

Yes I do! The fight to cure childhood obesity in America is part of what I fight for every day. I feel the need for extended education for parents who may not understand what a healthy diet or ample amount of physical fitness for their kids should look like. With 52% percent of all American children now being considered obese, I feel that I have a responsibility do help fight this problem and having the resources of Ariix and its Wellness Council I feel that together we would make a great team in fighting this epidemic.

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