A Message From ARIIX President Mark Wilson



Hello ARIIX Family!

Here is a quick update on my recent adventures. I just returned from 2 weeks of around-the-world travel, visiting a new ARIIX team every day. We started in Taiwan, where Deanna, Dr, Ray Strand, and I met Ian and Anita (Hong Kong team) to hold 2 different meetings with our new Taiwanese team members. They are extremely excited about the upcoming opening of ARIIX in Taiwan! We even had a chance to take a peek at our new office in Taipei, which the leaders are eager to begin using this next week.

We then traveled to Hong Kong, for a quick stopover at our amazing highrise office, which is always a treat. Then we headed into mainland China for a week of meetings with our great new leaders in Gaunggo, Wuhan, Shengyang, Beijing, and Nanjing. The leaders are so excited about building ARIIX and our partnership with Kangli that we had to hold multiple meetings in each city to be able to accommodate everyone! Our next round of meetings in China will surely involve packed halls full of excited business owners, who are thrilled to have the opportunity to build their business in China and offer our products to their customers! Dr. Ray Strand was nothing less than a rock star at our China events, with nearly every person wanting to get their photo taken with him and get his autograph in their copies of his books. In fact, we were told by some leaders that they had to travel to multiple cities to find copies of his book, as they were often sold out! Deanna also rocked it out in her presentations, as she explained our commitment to quality and our vision for present and future product development. She did a great job at getting everyone fired up about our new products!

Our Asian leaders showed a very strong interest in the Restoriix product and its amazing benefits, which is no surprise. Poor air quality and environmental pollutants are a major concern in these Asian cities with such dense populations and rapidly growing economies (below you can see a picture I took of a newspaper article on this topic). Restoriix is sure to be amazingly popular in Asia, and we are grateful to be able to provide them with this opportunity to improve their health and quality of life.

After our Chinese tour, I then traveled to Japan, where I met up with top leader Robert Allen and the newest member of the ARIIX Athletic Council – Wally Joyner, former major league baseball player. The three of us visited Tokyo, Osaka, and Kumamoto – with packed rooms at every location! In fact, some of these rooms were so full that some leaders had to step out in order to let others step in and experience the meeting for a few moments. The energy and excitement in these meetings was incredible! Robert Allen and Wally Joyner did an amazing job explaining the vision of ARIIX and why they are proud to be a part of it.

We all had a wonderful time meeting our awesome leaders in Asia – their positive energy and enthusiasm will be a great asset to all of us in the ARIIX family. We were thrilled to meet so many amazing leaders and we can’t wait to go back for another visit!

All the best,
Mark Wilson

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